Squishy Q. Socktopus

Squishy is a playful, lovable little socktopus looking for the right home!
ITEM # 1


Snuggle P. Socktopus

Snuggle P.  loves playing outside and reading fairytales!

ITEM # 2

Adopted by a nice Connecticut family

Spot T. Socktopus

Spot T. loves relaxing on the beach and making pasta. She would love to share a meal with you!

ITEM # 5


Sigmund B. Socktopus

Siggy is his nickname. He loves reading and playing a good game of checkers.


The Socktopuses are on vacation! 

Please contact Efinegold7@msn.com if you need to get in touch with any of them.


Every day, a new one-of-a-kind, handmade Socktopus is born!

Please email emkin toys™ if you have favorite colors or patterns you would like and we would be happy to accommodate you.

Silly T. Socktopus

Silly T. is a happy little guy looking for someone to laugh at his jokes and share some new ones with him!

ITEM # 4


Stanley W. Socktopus

Stanley W. is a jettsetting Socktopus. He loves extreme sports and exploring. Take him on all your adventures, he is a great companion.

ITEM # 6


Sassy O. Socktopus

Sassy O. is a hip little gal, she loves fashion and flipping through the pages of all the latest magazines.

ITEM # 5